Tips For Great Tailgating

Prepare Early

Preparation is the key to awesome tailgating, preparing early makes it easier to take care of potential problems before they ever happen. It's a good idea to make a checklist so that you don't forget something you will need, like phone chargers, batteries for a radio, fuel for your grill etc. Designate a ticket holder, someone or somewhere to keep your tickets safe until game day. Have a backup plan if possible, it's always good to have spare food, equipment or entertainment when something goes wrong.

Know The Venue

You may want to do an online search before you get there so you know what to expect, you don't want to get kicked out for unknowingly breaking a rule. If they allow grills or smokers, make sure to test your equipment and make it as portable as possible for easy transportation. If you don't want to use a porta-potty make sure to get there early to find the closest restroom to your parking space. Flying a flag or tying up some balloons is a good way to make it easier to find your way back to your spot, and it helps your friends find you if they traveled separately.


Make sure to invite friends that like to cook and drink responsibly. Wear team colors or paint up, leave no doubt about which team you're rooting for! If something doesn't go as planned try not to get upset, remember you're there to have fun.  Respect your neighbors, it's always nice to offer them a snack or a drink, if they're rooting for the opposing team you can give them a little razzing, but remember team pride can run deep and things can get heated very quickly, which can mess up your tailgate party.

Know Your Options - Limousine Tailgating

If you want to have a great time but you don't feel like going through all trouble yourself, call Limo Bodyguard Service! Limousine tailgating streamlines the whole experience, we'll pick up your group and get you to the game in comfort and style. you won't have to worry about trying to find a parking spot or fighting crazy stadium traffic when it's time to leave.